Brihatta Art Foundation

Brihatta Art Foundation is a research-based artist-run platform with a strong focus on community development and collaboration. It fosters a collective spirit that is youth-centred and encourages participants to examine their artistic practices from alternative lenses.

Bindu Bisharga

Brihatta Home Art Project


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Brihatta Home art project. Learn More.

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It relies on the belief that students must get the opportunity to reflect on their own individual expression, and to develop skills which are in tune with their own understanding of what they wish to express.

In Bangladesh, artists and art activities are, and mostly have been,based in Dhaka. However, when the country went into “General Holiday”mode for weeks in an attempt to control the virus, we noticed a shift, asmany artists moved back into their family and ancestral homes outside thecapital city, leaving their precious studios and workshops behind.