Collaboration with Brihatta Art Foundation and Rakahine Community, Moheshkhali.

‘Maa-Maati-Manush-Swadesh-Bhasha-Prokriti (Mother-Earth-People-Homeland-Language-Nature)’ is a
site-specific project in association with Brihatta Art Foundation. Artist Bishwajit Goswami envisions to tell an artistic story rooted in this unique environment, creating a new atmosphere of cultural and linguistic exchange. Strengthened by Brihatta’s collective spirit. The preparation session started in Moheshkhali from 17 February 2021.

The main installation work was landed on 21st February, 12am at the Bank of Bakkhali River. People of the Rakhine community and team Brihatta.

Date: 21st February 2021

Artist: Bishwajit Goswami