Brihatta Art Foundation has a strong focus on community development and collaboration. It possesses a collective spirit that centers on the youth and encourages participants to examine their artistic practices from alternative dimensions. Artistic freedom is nurtured in this space, as one gains clarity of self, by engaging in creative dialogue and mentorship.

Brihatta increases the value and vitality of communities by improving cultural access to, and visibility of, art. Focused on the creation, and curation of art within the public realm, Brihatta is a dynamic liaison between artists, craftsman, local and expat community members, and global practitioners to place artwork within a space that achieves shared goals.


Bishwajit Goswami


Bishwajit Goswami (b. 1981) who is a faculty at the Drawing & Painting Department of the Faculty of Fine Art, University of Dhaka, Bangladesh.
The artist maintains a visual language in constant flux, and strives to create new approaches and ideas through other mediums.